Bellevue Meat Processing's Wild Game Products

Below is our Complete Wild Game Processing. Prices and food items are subject to change

2022-2023 Season

The 2022-2023 updated menu will be coming soon!

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Deer Skinning$20.00
Wild Hog Skinning$25.00
Deer/Wild Hog Gutting$20.00
Cape Hide for Mounting$40.00
Processing price per deer/wild hog: (Ice chests itemized by piece) All steaks and roasts cut as requested and vacuum packed for maximum freezer life; ground venison with added beef trim packed in chubs. Wild hogs cut similar with ground pork.$80.00/per deer or hog
White Tail Deer and Wild Pigs with Carcass Weight exceeding 100 lbs$1.25/lb
Elk and other large Exotics by Carcass Weight$1.50/lb
Meat hand sliced for Jerky (NOT SMOKED)$1.25/lb
Our Fresh Products (minimum 10lb order per blend)
Country Breakfast Sausage (Original or Hot)$2.25/lb
Spicy Italian Sausage Linked$3.25/lb
Spicy Italian Sausage Bulk (Packaged in chub)$2.25/lb
Bacon Burger$2.75/lb
Jalapeno and Bacon Burger$3.25/lb
Our Smokehouse Products (minimum 10lb order per blend) *All Smokehouse Products Vacuum Packed
Famous Hickory Smoke Sausage (Original or Hot)$3.25/lb
Green Onion Smoke Sausage$3.75/lb
Jalapeno and Cheddar Smoke Sausage$4.25/lb
Pepper Jack Smoke Sausage$4.25/lb
Sweet Hot Smoke Sausage$4.25/lb
Summer Sausage$3.25/lb
Summer Sausage with Jalapeno and Cheddar$4.25/lb
Salami with Peppercorn$3.75/lb
Snack Sticks (minimum 5lb order per flavor)
Hickory Smoked Original Blend$5.75/lb
Hickory Smoked with Jalapeno and Cheddar$6.75/lb
Sweet Hot$6.75/lb

Boneless, quartered, and frozen orders must be in an ice chest completely iced down. Your ice chest will be returned when your order is completed.

“Ready” orders must be picked up within 3 days of you being notified that your order is ready. A $5.00 a day freezer fee will be applied to all orders not picked up within those 3 days. Please make arrangements for your order to be picked up if you are not available to claim your order within those three days. This is due to limited freezer and processing space.

Visa, Mastercard and Discover accepted. Checks accepted with proper ID. $50.00 fee on all returned checks.

2022-2023 Hours of Operation

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