About Bellevue Meat Processing

Bellevue Meat Processing Plant is a second generation, state of the art, state inspected, custom meat processing plant. We offer custom processing of beef, pork, and other livestock in the early fall and spring. Sugar curing of bacon and hams is offered on domestic hogs. We also have a variety of smoke sausages and breakfast sausages. We will walk you through your cutting instructions so that you get the cuts your family will enjoy.

During wild game season we have extended hours to accommodate our hunting customers. Our family run business offers full service wild game processing including skinning and field dressing. Your cuts of meat such as steaks, roasts, cutlets and stew meat are cut to your liking with no extra charge for tenderizing or vacuum sealing. We also offer a line of smoke products including smoke sausage, summer sausage, salami, Italian sausage, and snack sticks. Our smoke sausage is offered in jalapeno and cheese, green onion, original and hot blends. Our summer sausage and snack sticks are offered in original, and jalapeno and cheese. We now also offer salami with peppercorns. Wild game can also be processed into a variety of fresh (non-smoked) products: pan (breakfast) sausage, bacon burger, jalapeno bacon burger and linked Italian sausage.

Come and visit our retail store offering a variety of pork smoke sausage products all made here at Bellevue Meat Processing Plant. Our retail store also offers a variety of Louisiana made products including Mayhaw jelly, pepper jelly, BBQ sauces, salsa, hot sauces, and seasonings. You can also pick up an “Oh Deer, What’s For Dinner” wild game cookbook full of recipes using our wild game products. During the holidays we have gift boxes of smoke products that have become a popular alternative gift over a turkey or ham with businesses.

Bellevue Meat Processing Plant is a state inspected facility and we take pride in our reputation of producing a quality product. You will receive your order back professionally processed from a facility that has high standards and has been recognized by the State of Louisiana as a model plant for processing. You will see and taste the quality of our processing. Processing is not seasonal for us here at Bellevue Meat Processing Plant. During summer months Chris is constantly improving our products through continuing education and improving our processing facility by installing new equipment. We take great pride in the products we produce.

Smoke Sausage flavors include: original, hot, jalapeno and cheese, sweet heat, and pepper jack.

Snack Stix flavors include: original, hot, jalapeno and cheese, sweet hot, and pepper jack.

Summer Sausage flavors include: original and jalapeno and cheese.

From the owners:
We are both graduates of Haughton High School and LA Tech and NSU Nursing School. We have been married 26 years and have three children: Meagan a graduate of LA Tech, Matthew who is currently attending LSU Sherevport and Marshall “Tucker” who is an entrepreneur himself. During our off season we enjoy camping, fishing and anything outdoors with our family! We take pride in our business being family operated. It is a pleasure to get to know our customers year after year and make lasting relationships. 

Please give us the opportunity to serve your processing needs. You will see and taste the difference. 
Thank you for your business. 
God Is Good!! 
Chris and Carla Nesbit 
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